Classic Reviews

Great service!

Reviewed by Jamie S., January 2015

Excellent and on time!

Reviewed by John N., January 2015

John has taken excellent care of my vehicles for over 10 years. Trust him implicitly.

Reviewed by Cheryl P., December 2014

Excellent,friendly and fast!!! Really appreciate you all!

Reviewed by Sherry- Lindsay P., December 2014

AD has serviced my vehicles for about 9 years now. By and large I have received good service. On the very few times when a mistake was made AD owned the problem and quickly resolved it.

Reviewed by Bob R., November 2014

Everything could not have been better. Also services on time as promised

Reviewed by Mike E., November 2014

Very professional staff; quick complete service.

Reviewed by Valerie V., November 2014

Very fast & honest service

Reviewed by Tim M., November 2014

Everything went well.

Reviewed by Courtney M., October 2014

Great service and very reasonable prices.

Reviewed by Mark C., October 2014

My Tahoe was just in for an oil change at 102,000 miles. It had a total maintenance service at the Reno Chevy dealership at 100,000 miles. Please update your files. I don't like these automated emails that don't really have anything to do with what really needs to be done.

Reviewed by Lynn & Jim B., October 2014

Great service, so great I drive from Santa Cruz just to get my car worked on!!!

Reviewed by Madeline G., October 2014

Neal and Mark offered immediate roadside assistance on a Saturday! Thank you, and the follow up service for a new battery was handled quickly and thoroughly through Mark and Allen - great staff, great work. Thanks for getting me back on the road.

Reviewed by Maryn L., October 2014

Awesome, as it always has been for the past 15 years as a customer.

Reviewed by Robert & Renee B., October 2014

Always fast and courteous service

Reviewed by W., October 2014

Routine service with an extra look at front end transmission. On time, good communication.

Reviewed by Anonymous, October 2014

Good care for the car. Need more comfortable couches for waiting customers.

Reviewed by Anonymous, October 2014

nice & easy service... thank you!!

Reviewed by Cindy S., October 2014

Above and beyond, as always!!! Thank you!!!!

Reviewed by Sherry- Lindsay P., October 2014

Amazing service as always..... You guys are always on top of things with several reminders, a personal phone call the day before my appointment and my work done in half the time I expected... Thank you so much.... Doug

Reviewed by Doug N., October 2014

Great as always

Reviewed by Peter & Lynn F., October 2014

Excellent service

Reviewed by Mike & Eileen S., October 2014

Efficient and quick! As per usual!

Reviewed by Lindsay C., October 2014

service was great and oil change was done fast!! thank you for your service!!

Reviewed by Cindy S., October 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor are great. They provide timely and affordable service. I take all our cars here for oil changes and larger service needs.

Reviewed by Anonymous, October 2014

This team is awesome Responsive and own the work they do!

Reviewed by Anonymous, September 2014

We brought our Toyota in for several repairs and you did an excellent job of troubleshooting and doing the necessary work at an affordable price.

Reviewed by William & Myra L., September 2014

Fast and affordable service.

Reviewed by Jason M., September 2014

Great service, friendly staff, and over the past 4 years no issues whatsoever. They have my 1999 Cherokee 4x4 running well. We had a small electrical problem with hour 2004 Honda and they fixed it for free. Would recommend Auto & Tire Doc to anyone, especially now that they have their WiFi fixed.

Reviewed by Jim K., September 2014

All work done as requested. Good advice concerning brakes. Also, work was done and completed on time as promised,

Reviewed by Bill T., September 2014

Fantastic service...even though I did not have an appointment, but they were quick to accommodate me. Their pricing is very fair and the staff very helpful.

Reviewed by Sandy W., September 2014

Fast, reliable service...

Reviewed by Yvonne S., September 2014

The service and professionalism at the Auto Doc was excellent as always.... My car runs amazing thanks to John, Bob and all the crew...... I wouldn't go anywhere else.... trust me! Doug

Reviewed by Doug N., September 2014

Fast, friendly, efficient, what more do you want?

Reviewed by Anonymous, September 2014

Excellent service. I was apprised of thing(s) that need to be replaced and the cost of it. Friendly atmosphere and very dog-friendly.

Reviewed by Anonymous, September 2014

very good

Reviewed by Bob P., September 2014

Thank you for taking care of me and my car during our recent visit to the shop. Your staff was pleasant and efficient. I will be back!

Reviewed by Elisa D., September 2014

The auto doc is a great place, they are timely, honest, and reasonably priced, I would recommend them to anyone living in the area

Reviewed by Seth D., September 2014

prompt service, friendly staff, reasonable pricing!!

Reviewed by Cindy S., September 2014

A really satisfying experience, and yes, small town businesses, at least this time, help each other out. The guys at Stones Tire (just around the corner) found a couple of issues that they don't work on, and sent me right over to The Auto Doctor. Both issues were repaired within the time frames and the costs quoted, and so far - no further problems. Very polite staff - up front and the mechanics as well.

Reviewed by Jim M., September 2014

Extremely helpful service on 9/5/14, but I didn't catch the gentleman's name who helped me. I got a basic oil change for my Subaru for only $30, and it was completed earlier than expected. They put a coupon with candy in the console, too. :) My only concern (and some other places in Truckee do this as well) was that my car windows were rolled down all the way with the keys in the ignition all afternoon after service was complete. It's a nice neighborhood, but my car has been broken into before elsewhere in town. I prefer to be more careful. Also, I really like that they're open part of the day on Saturdays, so I don't need to drive to Reno on my day off from work.

Reviewed by Anonymous, September 2014

All good!

Reviewed by Bill T., September 2014

These guys are great. Very professional. Very knowledgable. Excellent customer service. Would let them wrench on my rig anytime. Trustworthy fersure! Thanks fellas!

Reviewed by Cody L., September 2014

It was granddaughter and I played in the waiting room and before I knew it my car was smoged and we were off to get a ice cream. Thanks

Reviewed by Marcus F., September 2014

The best car mechanic experience I have had in the last 20 years.

Reviewed by Michael C., September 2014

They get the job done with excellence and really help out, especially when in a bind. It seemed to me it was important to them to really take care of me as a customer and be honest with me about what did and didn't need to be looked into regarding my car.

Reviewed by Jessica S., September 2014

great service and reasonable price. fast, friendly. a nice improvement from previous experiences.

Reviewed by Daniel- Sherrin F., August 2014

the folks at the Auto Doctor are a great bunch and they came through for a perfect stranger. John loaned me his Suburban so we could tow our Travel Trailer to the state park for our stay in truckee. Alan

Reviewed by Alan H., August 2014

The customer service up front is awesome! Thank you so much for fitting me in Cindy! You are a real sweetheart and love that smile!

Reviewed by Anonymous, August 2014

I had a warranty issue with my struts. They honored the warranty without hassle. Very appreciated.

Reviewed by Brian R., August 2014

I wouldn't take my jeep any where else! Thank you Allen, Cindy, John and Tony! I'll be back Monday for wipers!!!

Reviewed by Anonymous, August 2014

Quick and on time like promised.

Reviewed by Earl & Cathy P., August 2014

Second unfortunate breakdown near Truckee. Service was prompt, courteous and reasonable given SF Bay area prices. Only problem, not theirs, was getting parts for our BMW X5 from BMW. The first repair three years ago has been problem free.

Reviewed by Thomas G., August 2014

I was very pleased with the service that I received.

Reviewed by Marilyn J., August 2014

As usual, great service and a friendly experience. Can't say enough good things about the staff.

Reviewed by Jon- Nora- Brie P., August 2014

Outstanding customer service! A pleasant surprise and my car is running like a champ again!

Reviewed by Anonymous, August 2014

top notch service, very helpful, reviewed dealer (another) recommended services & selected only those that needed to be done. Saved me considerable unnecessary expense!

Reviewed by Jerry M., August 2014

They provided quick and effective service to repair my car. I highly recommend this shop for any automotive needs. The staff was friendly and very accommodating. Pricing was fair and honest.

Reviewed by Anonymous, August 2014

Good service, nice guys, very fair pricing.

Reviewed by Anonymous, August 2014

We were on vacation when our power steering pump started leaking. Everyone here was great!

Reviewed by Rachel T., August 2014

Done well. Done on time. Professional and friendly as usual.

Reviewed by Jon- Nora- Brie P., August 2014

Only complaint is the relatively high cost. Regardless I chose to go there because I trust the work.

Reviewed by Anonymous, July 2014

The requested service on the car was completed in a timely fashion. However, there was a tire balance problem at 65 to 75mph after the tire rotation. Your tech said that tire balance was not checked when tires were rotated as I had thought. I went to Stones Tires where I bought the tires for the balancing. Their report was that besides needing balancing, all the tires were overinflated. One of the tires was at 50psi. I had considered buying my next set of tires from the Auto Doctor. Due to this experience, I don't think that I will.

Reviewed by David L., July 2014

Everyone was fast and courteous. Like the starburst on the seat when I picked up my car. Nice touch

Reviewed by Wendy K., July 2014

Needed a part for our ' 95 Jeep. Bob found the right one very quickly. Great service as usual

Reviewed by Jon-Nora-Brie P., July 2014

thank you so much for the great service I received on July 14. You turned my day around from bad to great.

Reviewed by Stan/Dina W., July 2014

Smooth, quick, clean friendly, and painless. My first time to use the Doctor....I'd do it again!

Reviewed by Rory K., July 2014

Great people! On time, dependable, knowledgeable and courteous. I'm already a repeat customer.

Reviewed by Jay/Jessica W., July 2014

I was in the area from out of town and they took care of me as if I was a regular customer. Thank you!! Price for work done was fair and done in a timely manner..

Reviewed by Bruce H., July 2014

Great job securing the trim on the Jeep window. Done quickly and well. The best in service, as usual.

Reviewed by Jon-Nora-Brie P., July 2014

Very honest, Fast and Conveniently located next to a great sandwich shop! P.S Keep the lady at your front desk as long as possible. She is a doll.

Reviewed by Anonymous, June 2014

Called to check price of Subaru head gasket repair and during discussion with John found out that they offer an extensive service with many new parts and gaskets. Although they were a bit more expensive, they were well worth it. We had a very small ticking sound after the repair they chased down, fixed immediately and overall Clint's expertise and work performed was excellent. We highly recommend you check them out for any repairs on Subaru's.

Reviewed by Rob W., June 2014

I decided to try them after reading their Yelp reviews. They were very helpful, easy to schedule, and did what we agreed upon for the price we agreed upon in the time frame they quoted. What else could you ask for? I will definitely use them in the future.

Reviewed by Rodney F., June 2014

I was stuck in Truckee at the end of a weekend visit due to transmission slippage. The mechanics diagnosed the damage and changed the fluid and I was able to return safely to the Bay Area for further repairs.

Reviewed by Charmon A., June 2014

I am very impressed with Auto and Tire Doctor! The staff and all are very professional, caring people. I will definitely use them for future auto needs.

Reviewed by Sandee L., June 2014

There were some hurdles during an oil leak being fixed and they were always on top of keeping me updated and in the loop.

Reviewed by Dustin P., June 2014

Great people. Quality work. Responsive to my needs. Fair prices. We'll be back.

Reviewed by Duane and Laura W., June 2014

excellent service... thank you!

Reviewed by Doug N., May 2014

All good. You were able to accommodate my schedule and fit me in to do the job at the last minute. Thanks!

Reviewed by Bill T., May 2014

Great job. Very timely.

Reviewed by Earl & Cathy P., May 2014

Very professional-courteous and reasonably priced. From the Counter gentleman Allan, to the mechanic and staff.

Reviewed by Bill W., May 2014

Great service! Everything was wonderfully explained, and my car is in great working order. I would certainly take my car back.

Reviewed by Katie C., May 2014

Always excellent service!

Reviewed by Norm & Karen J., May 2014

Good prices, availability, and good service! Changed tires, alignment and oil change. Great keeping it local in Truckee without price sacrifice.

Reviewed by Anonymous, May 2014

My experience with the Auto Doctor was exceptional as always. I greatly appreciate your service, pricing and professionalism.... Thank you so much! Doug

Reviewed by Doug N., May 2014

The Auto Doctor is the best! Excellent customer service!! Great staff.

Reviewed by Robby L., May 2014

There are so many kind and wonderful things to say. But mostly I want to thank John and the staff for being so generous and helping to work with me during what would normally be very difficult thing for our family. After being out of work for 18 month and home with my babies. I got a job which only lasted 4 months and then I lost that one. My husband has two seasonal jobs. We have not had the easiest financial year. The fact that you all are so willing to work with us to keep our family safe in our cars and help us get to work/school means the world to us. Since we just moved to Truckee early this year we are happy here and in-love with the community. We love our jobs, our home and our friends here and we are so lucky to have found someone to love on our cars. Eternally blessed! Keep up the good work! The Ridenours

Reviewed by Staci R., May 2014

Very friendly staff. Work was done quickly for a reasonable price.

Reviewed by Anonymous, May 2014

Very friendly staff, comfortable waiting area, affordable and timely service. So glad to have a great local service provider. Thank you

Reviewed by Lindsay R., May 2014

Prompt efficient service! I had my headlamp replaced, something that took hours for me to do on my own. It took the mechanic ten minutes and there was no charge for the labor! I recommend "The Auto & Tire Doctor" to anyone needing professional, friendly service.

Reviewed by Eric & Lisa M., May 2014

Much more convenient than using the Subaru dealer in reno. Friendly, on time service.

Reviewed by Claudia W., May 2014

you guys are the best with everything from a-z. thankyou for all your help.

Reviewed by Larry C., May 2014

New front brakes. In and out quickly and the "Beast" stops well. Thanks for your usual great work.

Reviewed by Jon-Nora-Brie P., May 2014

We are full time rvers, travelling from Arizona to Oregon. Our tow vehicle's engine lost it's coolant on I80 and overheated. We were towed to Auto Doctor for evaluation. The prognosis was not good, but the treatment by the personnel was very good.

Reviewed by Mel M., April 2014

........appointment made quickly and service provided was efficient and timely.. Frank R. Pisciotta.

Reviewed by Frank P., April 2014

Fantastic. Extremely friendly and welcoming!

Reviewed by Sydney F., April 2014

I absolutely love working with Auto Doctor. They are the nicest people on the planet! They are the only place I go to for work on my car In Truckee. They are very honest and my car is always done when they say it will be. I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by Lauren S., April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you Lauren! We absolutely love working with you too! And thanks for the delicious banana bread.

Awesome! The lady working the desk was so friendly and just a pleasure to be helped by. I felt the waiting area was a social gathering of friends. Service was fast and efficient.

Reviewed by Paulino & Tanya B, April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you Tanya! It was a pleasure serving you and we look forward to seeing you in the future should you need any other services.

My family and I were on vacation in the Tahoe area when our SUV broke down. John and his team were excellent. If he wasn't 200 miles away, I'd have him do all my automotive work.

Reviewed by Harold (Pete) H., April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: We are so glad you rolled into our shop Pete, and hope we might see you again if you should be Truckee and need service. (Or just stop in to say "Hi")

Friendly, timely and honest as always

Reviewed by Anonymous, April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you. All these are values that are very important to us at the Auto Doctor.

Good responsive service; competitive price; good wating lounge. I will use these guys again.

Reviewed by David T., April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you for your feedback! We look forward to seeing you again.

The friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff is amazing! Best auto shop experience I've had. Thank you guys for taking care of me and my car!

Reviewed by Anonymous, April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Wow, what a nice review. Thank you so much for your comments. We are so happy you had such a positive experience. We do strive to exceed our customer's expectations and look forward to seeing you again in the future!

Everyone who works here couldn't have been any nicer to me! Nice to finally find a shop that doesn't take advantage of you and that checks for safety when you get an oil change! I would've been driving across the country with bad tires! Thank you Auto & Tire Doctor!

Reviewed by Marissa L., April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied We are so glad you rolled into the Auto Doctor Marissa! Safe travels and thanks for the feedback.

We had traveled to Truckee from Humboldt County to take care of some business when, at 5 PM on Friday, we realized that a u-joint in our truck was failing. We thought we'd have to wait until Monday to have it repaired. We found the Auto & Tire Doctor in the phone book. They confirmed the problematic u-joint, told us they could repair it that night, and by 6:30 we were back on the road. They tuned what could have been big headache for us into the quickest and most convenient auto repair job we've ever experienced! Thank you.

Reviewed by John K., April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you for your feedback John! We appreciate the opportunity to "save the day". Stay safe out there in your travels and thanks for rolling into the Auto Doctor and trusting us with your vehicle.

I really appreciate your great work and integrity! It is so refreshing to deal with an honest and caring shop. Thank you for always taking such great care of my car and me!

Reviewed by Anonymous, April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Your trust is very important to us. Thank you so much for your continued confidence in us.

You were a great help fixing my tire and getting me back on the road again. Great job! Thank you.

Reviewed by Alvina L., April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you for coming into the Auto Doctor. We are glad we could help get you back on the road!

Excellent service! Too notch work.... Quite pricey but who isn't in truckee..... I will go back

Reviewed by Anonymous, April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: We look forward to seeing you again in the future! Thank you for your feedback.

been coming here for years and the service is getting better and better all the time nice job auto doctor

Reviewed by Anonymous, April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you so much. We are so glad to hear that our service just keeps getting better. That is our goal!

Serious?! That's better than Jiffy Lube!!!!! This is great news!!!!

Reviewed by Anonymous, April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Well, come on in! Let us take care of your car

Out-of-stater recently traveling through along the interstate. Family and I came in to have an emergency addressed...a loud noise with my 2007 Volvo XC70. Great service and willingness to move things around on a weekend to diagnose the problem within the hour I was in town. Admittedly, I didn't expect to pay as much as I did for the quick diagnosis with no actual repairs. Given the situation though, the work was much appreciated. Thanks guys.

Reviewed by Steven B., April 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you so much for your feedback Steven. We know how stressful it can be to have emergencies on a road trip. We are glad you rolled into the Auto Doctor and appreciate your trust.

Friendly, fast service. Had 4 struts replaced on a car I refuse to give up. Now it rides like new and I couldn't be happier. Despite some mix-up with a vendor they stepped up and had it done in one day as promised (sometimes tricky in a remote-ish location like Truckee!). Thanks to the whole team!

Reviewed by Anonymous, March 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you for coming into our shop and trusting us to get you back on the road. We appreciate your feedback and wish you always a smooth ride!

Very happy. Was able to schedule an appointment quickly, work was done well and delivered as promised. Recommend highly. NIce, friendly people.

Reviewed by Mike E., March 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you so much for your kind words Mike. We strive to exceed our customers expectations and appreciate your feedback and recommendations.

Our car was finished earlier than planned with a complex problem taken care of. We received the usual good service with very professional treatment.

Reviewed by Jon-Nora-Brie P., March 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you so much your continued trust!

I drive from Sacramento to have my car serviced here. They are very knowledgeable, honest, and thorough. They break it all down in layman terms, and charge appropriately. They do an excellent job, and who doesn't love being called "Sweetheart" and "Love"??!!!!

Reviewed by Carrin B., March 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: We always love to see your smiling face Carrin. Thank you for always making the trip and trusting your car to us. We look forward to seeing you again in the future!

I felt some chattering on my 2000 Tacoma and it had been 50,000 miles or so since the last brake job. Auto Dr. checked them out and informed me I still had 30-40% left on the pads. All looked fine for now. Thanks for being honest with me. I'll be back in 6-8 months to check them again

. Reviewed by George & Margaret D., March 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: The trust of our customers is very important to us. We will not recommend a service if you don't need it. thank you for trusting us with your vehicle and we look forward to seeing you soon. Be safe!

Thank you for your always prompt, personal and thorough service.

Reviewed by Anonymous, March 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it!

Efficient and cost effective. Very pleasant to deal with and great follow up. Definitely recommended

Reviewed by Adrian H., March 2014

Great as usual. Always friendly thorough service.

Reviewed by Tom S., March 2014

Thank you for noticing my tires needed to be rotated and pointing out the un even wear on them. Just came in for an oil change, and you showed me you care enough about my vehicle to tell me about the importance of regularly rotating them. I don't take the time for concern for my car, so Im grateful I know I can count on YOU to do it for me! Auto Dr? You have me for life!!! Allen and Cindy up front? You guys make me feel like I can totally trust my car with you!!

Reviewed by Anonymous, March 2014

I am a formally trained, mechanically inclined, do-it-yourselfer! I was in the neighborhood for work and they were able to squeeze me right in. After the job started, 30 minutes into the job I got a call from them telling me there was more significant damage. I arrived back at the shop and they showed me where the differential had gone bad and it was not the problem I thought. I appreciate an honest shop as they are very hard to find in the greater Tahoe region and I will be a return customer.

Reviewed by Anonymous, March 2014

Excellent communication throughout delivered with a smile and helpful tone. They sniffed out a complicated problem others could not solve. Great to have a local resource like this in the Truckee community. Now let's spread the word!

Reviewed by Jeff A., March 2014

I love this place. Everyone is always very friendly, welcoming, and most importantly -knowledgeable. Bottom line, I trust them.

Reviewed by Jenna W., February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you Jenna! Your trust means the world to us!

I was there for an oil change for which I had made an appointment and gave them the local coupon to be used. After checking in, my husband asked, "Well, did you have the brakes checked?" I said I didn't b/c I was only there to get the fluid levels checked. He goes, "Didn't you hear it squeaking on the drive here?" The attendant at the front desk heard his comment and gladly offered to have the brake pads checked. I really appreciated the attendant being proactive!

Reviewed by Anonymous, February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Keeping our customers safe on the road is our priority! We are happy that we were able to check this for you.

Another victory. The old Excon Valdese is on the road again.

Reviewed by Jon-Nora- Brie P., February 2014

In this day of rushing through what is supposed to be service, Auto Doctor is such a refreshing difference. Think of it this way, you go to the doctor with some physical problem. The doctor sees you for five minutes, gives you a prescription for something and leaves. Not truly satisfying. At the Auto Doctor, they take time to explain what the problem is, how it is going to be fixed and what it will cost. The technicians working on your car can actually take the time to explain what was or is being done. Are they perfect, no, does it take more than one visit to find and fix a complex problem, yes sometimes, but they care and the attitude IS truly refreshing. Auto Doctor gets my vote as an establishment that is worthy of my support.

Reviewed by Jon- Nora- Brie P., February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Wow! Thank you Putnam family. We always appreciate your support. Our customers are our #1 priority and we look forward to the opportunity to provide you with great service. Thank you again.

Great service and timely. Folks are your neighborhood garage....quality work on the vehicle, always!

Reviewed by Teresa R., February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you Teresa! We really appreciate your feedback and are honored to be your neighborhood garage!

I walked in and was greeted right away. Customer service was fantastic. The waiting room is very comfortable and I enjoyed the coffee and the couch! They quoted me 45minutes for an oil change, and it took exactly 45minutes. Next time I will call ahead and make an appointment so it takes 20minutes instead! It is a happy, warm atmosphere and in my experience a place of their word. I will definitely be back- with an appointment!

Reviewed by Anonymous, February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you so much for rolling into the Auto Doctor. We really appreciate your feedback and are so happy to know that your experience was a good one. We strive to exceed expectations and look forward to taking care of yuo again in the future.

Extremely friendly crew! Quick, precise, helpful!

Reviewed by Anonymous, February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you for rolling into the Auto Doctor!

Great as usual!

Reviewed by William J., February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you for your feedback and continued loyalty William. We truly appreciate it!

Auto doctor is the only choice. They will figure it out. Thanks doc!!! That rattle was driving me nuts!

Reviewed by Justin M., February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you Justin! We are glad we could help and appreciate your trust!!

Excellent, friendly, on time work.

Reviewed by Jon-Nora-Brie P., February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: We truly appreciate your continued loyalty and are always happy to see your smiling faces! Thank you Putnam family.

As always excellent service...accommodating and helpful, I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Reviewed by Amalia N., February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Amalia, we so appreciate your feedback. We strive for excellence and are happy to hear we are meeting our goal! Thank you!!

Even though they were unable to fully assist the needs of my car due to the extent of the damages and my inability to provide the financial coverage, I found the staff more than helpful and willing to help me figure out my options. This organization has restored my hope in the mechanic industry and has proved that an honest car mechanic shop exists. I will always utilize this company as well as refer them.

Reviewed by Hunter I., February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you Hunter! We really appreciate your feedback and are honored to be your "go-to" mechanic shop.

I love coming in to the Auto Doctor. Alan is extremely personable and everyone is awesome. They are extremely helpful and I really don't mind waiting.

Reviewed by Nicole R., February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: We love you coming into the Auto Doctor! Thank you for your feedback.

John, Allen, Cindy, Paul, and the rest of the team at The Auto & Tire Doctor are incredible. I've been having serious ignition and acceleration troubles with my Geo Metro. They went above and beyond to deliver an unforgettable customer experience and top-notch customer service, in addition to just fixing my car. I was quoted a price estimation and an expected time for completion, and both were met in extraordinary fashion. Upon hearing I was a local resident without a ride home, the team at The Auto & Tire Doctor even provided me with a lift, free of charge. They made me feel like a member of the family. They earned my trust and with their team of experts, I won't be giving anyone else my business.When I arrived, I felt like the next step for my car was the junkyard, and upon leaving, it runs like it came right off the showroom floor. Thanks Auto & Tire Doctor!

Reviewed by Anonymous, February 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you for your continued trust! We are so happy that you walked into our shop!

Great, but the idiot light is still on the dash.(engine light) Did they adjust the "thin" ???? Bob

Reviewed by Bob & Dane L., January 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Bob, glad you came back in so we could get that light off. We jumped on the other issues you had and since the light was not on for us... we did let that get by us. You know all you all have to do is stop by and we got you covered.

I wanted to split up my repair bill on my cooling system by taking care of the rotted out radiator first and they didn't pressure me to do otherwise. They made sure I was aware that the rest would need to be done at some point to protect the new radiator and sent me on my way! Plus they leave Hershey kisses in your car [which made me feel only a little bad for eating a handful from the bowl while filling out paperwork :p ] -- eat them before the bears do! Customer Service goes a long way for most people!

Reviewed by Audrey H., January 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: You cant be in business in a small town for over 30 years treating customers unfairly. We pride ourselves on honesty , integrity and customer service. We are so pleased you allowed us to take care of you and your vehicle. Should you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call. 530 587-2178

Seemed to take quite a while for an oil change. Although the staff was friendly and knowledgable.

Reviewed by Rick M., January 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Dear Rick, Thank you so much for your feedback and allowing us the opportunity to work on your vehicle. We strive to exceed our customers expectations and want to apologize if the service took longer than expected. Our technicians are trained to take great care when performing any service and will spend some extra time noting any other potential issues with your vehicle. Our goal is to keep our customers safe on the road. In the future we look forward to earning a five star review


Reviewed by Anonymous, January 2014

Auto Doc! You are the best! I can always count on you to keep my jeep up and running. Honesty and integrity at its best. Allen and Cindy up front are always helpful and make the visit less painful with their genuine concern and humor they toss in with the service. AND I get a candy bag in my car every time we visit. Thank you. Also all the community service you do in Reno / Truckee area is amazing.

Reviewed by Anonymous, January 2014

Very satisfied with my service repair. Provided excellent customer care and coordinated a rental car due to the extended repair need once it was diagnosed. Excellent communication with Alan and the front desk on keeping me updated with the repair. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Mike B., January 2014

The Auto & Tire Doctor replied: Thank you so much Mike! So glad you rolled into the Auto Doctor!!

The Auto doctor has always taken great care of my vehicle and given great service! It's so nice to have a shop I can trust!

Reviewed by Anonymous, January 2014