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Truckee, CA 96161
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MNG Customer Reviews (126)

 5     Ignacio 07/25/2015
This is Ignacio the auto dr is #1 they allwas do a good job on my 89 jeep

 5     Jennifer 07/23/2015
I was very impressed with the entire staff: friendly, helpful, and always put my interest first. They communicated efficiently by keeping me updated on the status of my vehicle, various options to keep the costs down, and were accommodating with my requests.

 5     Carol/Alec 07/23/2015
They got me in quickly and did everything I needed quickly; returned replaced parts to me too. Car works great.

 5     Chris 07/23/2015
This was my first time at The Auto Dr. After I made my appointment my daughter who was traveling to see me had issues with her car. They made time to take a look at her automobile and have mine serviced. Thank you for great service.

 5     Dave 07/16/2015
Paul who works on classic cars is great. He goes beyond what needs to be done.

 5     John / Ally 07/09/2015
the auto doctor is a bit pricey but always take care of me. they stand by their work and deliver. the extra few dollars is worth it to me ... i'm never in doubt of the service.

 5     Jim 07/02/2015
This shop is excellent, courteous, prompt, and they have kept my '99 Cherokee running well for years now. They know the winter environment.

 5     Lana 06/25/2015
I told these guys I would write a good review if my Ford Explorer made it back down the hill - so here it is! Shout out to Winston! Woof! I was on my way to a graduation in Reno and car disaster struck! As a woman you are always leery of mechanics because there are those that tend to take advantage when they can. I can say with 100% confidence that this shop is trustworthy and won't take advantage, because they could have with me. I was in a bind and they knew it. My 99 FE overheated on I80 going East near Kingvale, right as I got into the usual road construction on the pass. Luckily I had to slow to a crawl or the engine would have burned up and not just the radiator. A nice guy pulled over and helped me limp it over to the Kingvale exit, and I was able to coast down to Truckee. I stopped at the first station (zero stars for that dude) He said he was too busy and said call around, but everyone is probably too busy to help you today. Rude. I "Yelped" because I don't know Truckee, and Auto Tire Doctor was 5 stars and I called, and he said he was very busy but bring it and he'd make time. They were SO incredibly nice. They took a look, gave me the bad news (radiator) and said they could fix it and I'd have it the next day (keep in mind it's about 4pm at this point) I called to see if I could get a rental car (no) and one of the service guys said he was driving some other stranded people to Reno and he had room. I declined because my son said he would come get me - but right on service dude for offering !!! They quoted me $600 and told me it would be ready at 3-4 the following afternoon. I showed up at 3 & they were putting it through it's paces and by 3:30 they put the keys back in my hand. Total cost $550. I drove it back to Reno and then drove it back to Silicon Valley yesterday, and no issues. Even in morning commute traffic in Sacto, Concord, and SV the car didn't get hot.

 5     Jon-Nora-Brie 06/18/2015
Our 1995 Jeep Cherokee would not pass smog inspection. Our fear was that a valve job was needed. The staff at Auto & Tire Doctor investigated and found that the catalytic converter was bad. Saved us a big bill for major engine work. Thank you Auto Doctor.

 5     Patrick 06/11/2015
The Guys & Gals at the Auto & Tire Doctor are doing a Great job! Set The appointment, Come in & Out in less than an hour for an oil Change & Service.(I did have issues with a New employee, Estimate not = finished price but emailed John & he made it Right!)Customer service is Key & they've got it down!

 5     Julia 06/05/2015
We took our car in for a smog test. Service was prompt and courteous. This was the second time we've taken a car here, and I see no reason to go anywhere else. Thanks!

 5     Donald 06/04/2015
very pleased would come back again

 5     Mindi 06/04/2015
Excellent customer service and prompt service. Very friendly and accommodating to me and other customers while I waited for my service.

 5     Earl- Cathy 05/14/2015

 5     Jon-Nora-Brie 05/14/2015
Got the parts and had the Navigator up and running before dinner. Great job as usual.

 5     Jon-Nora-Brie 05/14/2015
Amazing. Annabell, our 1987 Jeep Cherokee, is acting like a teenager You guys did a great job on this old girl.

 5     Steven/Chelsea 05/07/2015
Fantastic. Everything was done on time and as promised. The owner John is cute.

 5     Jon-Nora-Brie 05/07/2015
Our Nav had a tired and failing alternator. The Auto Dr diagnosed it and had me back on the road faster than I had hoped. Another great five star adventure with the pros at the best car maintenance facility I've ever been to.

 5     Terry 04/30/2015

 5     Judy 04/23/2015

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